Are you stressed?
Do you have mood swings? Here’s what to do

Does not depend on where it comes from, manage your working hours the best you can and do not work too many extra hours.

Your health always comes first.

Grandma’s remedy is always around the corner!
In Tensiopram®, we only use premium quality red saffron stigmas, vitamin D3 and bioavailable folates! According to several clinical studies, saffron extract, vitamin D3 and folates are considered as natural antidepressants! Give it a try!

Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life (Confucius)
Be ambitious and find a job that fulfills you 100%. A gratifying working life certainly has a positive impact on your personal life.

Cuddle your endorphins!
The right dose of chocolate and daily physical activity will allow you to produce substances that improve your mood, which will help you to be happy.


Tensiopram® contains the right ingredients for you!

Valerian is not just for salad…
An infusion of Valerian before going to bed will help your quality of sleep. Melatonin is not only good for jetlag, but it is our key hormone to fall asleep and to restore our body’s natural biological rhythms.

Pull the plug ….in any sense!
Switch off all your handheld devices at least half an hour before going to bed.

Avoid eating too much in the evening
A light dinner will make your digestion easier and your sleep will come sooner.

Scared by horror movies?
We suggest you not to watch those right before going to bed, they might prevent your resting.


Has sleeping become impossible? Here’s what to do


Are you experiencing any panic attacks?
Here’s what to do


Tensiopram® is your support to panic attacks
Thanks to its ingredients L-theanine, which increases the levels of GABA in your brain, and valerian which may produce calming effects in stressful situations,

Take deep breaths!
You can also try using “relaxing breath.” With this technique, the person breathes in for 4 seconds, holds the breath for 7 seconds, then exhales slowly for 8 seconds.

Find a peaceful spot
Sights and sounds can often intensify a panic attack. If possible, try to find a more peaceful spot. This could mean leaving a busy room or moving to lean against a nearby wall.

Focus on an object
When a person becomes overwhelmed with distressing thoughts, feelings, or memories, concentrating on something physical in the environment can help them feel grounded.
Focusing on one stimulus can reduce other stimuli. As the person looks at the item, they may want to think about how it feels, who made it, and what shape it is.


In Tensiopram®, you have the help to contrast your anxiety
L-theanine works by increasing the levels of GABA and dopamine in the brain. The most important effect brought by the increase of GABA’s levels is the reduction of a person’s anxiety while dopamine is responsible for producing feelings of euphoria.

Pay attention to what you drink?
Avoid alcoholic drinks and drinks that contain caffeine, such as tea and coffee, will help you overcome these stressful times.

Pay attention to what you eat?
Eat well-balanced meals. Avoid spicy dishes. Do not skip any meals. Do keep healthful, energy-boosting snacks on hand.

Team up!
Talk to someone. Tell friends and family you’re feeling overwhelmed and let them know how they can help you. Talk to a physician or therapist for professional help.

Take some time for yourself!
Make sure to schedule time to get some fresh air, practice sports and free your mind.


Do you feel anxious?
Here’s what to do

Tensiopram was conceived with the intention of effectively affecting the factors that determine the symptomatologies on a depressive and anxious basis. Its mix of active ingredients also helps to counteract the related panic manifestations.


Do you want to know more about Tensiopram?

From Nature for your Wellness

Tensiopram® is an innovative highly bioavailable patented formulation which has been developed with the aim to help to relieve rapidly the symptoms linked to anxiety, mood, stress and sleep. Its special mix of active ingredients can also help to relieve panic attacks.


Vitamin D deficiency is associated with a 75% increased risk of developing depression [10]


Powerful mood-regulating action thanks to its active ingredients crocin and safranal. [3][4]


Low folate levels and high plasma homocysteine levels increase risk factors for depression. [5][6]


May be beneficial for anxiety and depression [13]. It also helps to absorb of all other active ingredients


Positively influences sleep quality with a statistically significant improvement:

1-Over time taken to fall asleep;
2-In the number of nocturnal awakenings. [7]


Has proved to be effective in promoting falling asleep and in restoring the body’s natural biological rhythms. [7]


Contributes to relaxation and reduction of anxiety without sedative effects and risk of dependence and addiction, typical of anxiolytic drugs. [9]

F.A.Q. – Frequently Asked Questions

Can Tensiopram® be taken in combination with drugs or other supplements?2021-01-08T11:21:46+01:00

Yes. However, as in all cases of combination treatments, it is always suggested to ask your doctor or pharmacist for advice.

Does Tensiopram® have any side effects?2021-01-08T11:22:25+01:00

Due to its characteristics the product is well tolerated, it does not cause any addiction. Check the ingredient list if you don’t have any hypersensitivity to one or more ingredients. It is recommended to use the daily suggested dose written in the box or to follow the advice of your doctor. You can get advice from your doctor about driving while you are on Tensiopram® as it may affect your ability to drive.

At what time of the day should Tensiopram® be taken?2021-01-08T11:18:16+01:00

It should be taken in the evening after dinner, away from meals, before going to bed. The orosoluble tablet makes it easy to take at any place.

If you are anxious or you have a panic attack, you can also take 1 tablet during the day until the symptoms disappear.

Can the elderly take Tensiopram® without problems?2021-01-08T11:26:21+01:00

Yes. Indeed, the product is particularly suitable for psychophysical and sleep disorders caused by old age.
Check the ingredient list if you don’t have any hypersensitivity to one or more ingredients; in case of doubt, ask your doctor or pharmacist for advice.

Can the young people take Tensiopram® without problems?2021-01-08T11:26:27+01:00

Yes. Tensiopram® is the ideal support for young people (teens and young adults) to study better and overcome the many stressful situations typical of this period of life.

Where are the components of Tensiopram® found in nature?2021-01-08T15:06:16+01:00

Vitamin D and melatonin are produced by our body. Folate is found in the liver, leafy vegetables, legumes, and fruits (orange). Inositol is found in some vegetables (green beans, peas, carrots) and fruits (pears, tomato). The other ingredients are plant extracts (Saffron, Valerian, Green Tea).

Does Tensiopram® contain gluten?2021-01-08T15:06:55+01:00

No, Tensiopram® does not contain gluten and can also be taken by celiacs.

Does Tensiopram® contain lactose?2021-01-08T15:07:30+01:00

No, Tensiopram® does not contain lactose and can also be taken by lactose intolerant people.

Can Tensiopram® be taken by diabetics?2021-01-08T15:08:19+01:00

Yes, because the amount of sweeteners contained in Tensiopram® does not interfere with the management of the disease, but it is advisable to always ask the advice of your doctor. Tensiopram® does not contain glucose.

What happens if I take 3 tablets in one day?2021-01-08T15:08:52+01:00

There’s no problem. please remember that Tensiopram® can also be taken for long periods following the advice of your doctor

What happens if I swallow the tablet?2021-01-08T15:09:15+01:00

Nothing to worry about. Tensiopram® is also absorbed in the bowel.

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